Jho Avril Alexis

Assistant Engineer from Philadelphia, United States
Hello, My name is Jho and I am a 2015 Temple University Media Studies and Production graduate. I am currently looking for opportunities to utilize my skills/education in media production and be a useful tool as I grow in this field. When on the TEMPLE TV’s production team during my summer practicum, I was able to view media projects from both a visual and audio production standpoint. With the skill and knowledge I have in various production software (i.e. Final Cut; Adobe Pro; Pro tool, etc.) and techniques (i.e. lighting, filming, monitoring the teleprompter, editing audio during filming and managing/setting up studio set), I would bring a lot to any project. Outside of my field experience, I was a lead sales advisor at H&M's ,Philadelphia flagship store, one the leading fast-fashion multinational clothing-retail company's today. That position (and positions that I have held prior to this one) strengthened my ability to perform duties that are looked for any job in the occupation (i.e. organizing, planning, helping other with their needs, taking request, obtaining material and necessities required for a project, scheduling appointments, and monitoring, documentation, & filing of significant information). I work well in high-energy atmospheres and enjoy meeting new people. I am easy to talk to, have an ability to put a person at ease, and have welcoming presence which I believe is essential in teamwork. I am eager and desire to start work in an environment where I will grow in my experience, knowledge and abilities to go further in this field. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Jhonisa L. Avril Alexis
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Jho Avril Alexis
Assistant Engineer from Philadelphia, United States
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