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Audrey Howard
Stage Tech
Berkeley, United States
Stage Tech from Berkeley
Ayanna Jacobs-El
Producer, Composer, and Songwriter
Los Angeles, United States
Producer, Composer, and Songwriter from Los Angeles
Beatriz Francisco
Artist Management Assistant
Nashville, United States
Artist Management Assistant from Nashville
Beau Lobo
Multi-Musician Recording Engineer
New York, United States
Multi-Musician Recording Engineer from New York
Benilda Mendoza Diaz
Audio production assistant
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Audio production assistant from San Pedro Sula
Bria James
Record Label
Atlanta, United States
Record Label from Atlanta
Bridget Driscoll
Los Angeles, United States
FOH from Los Angeles
Candace Rich
Field Recording
Burbank, United States
Field Recording from Burbank
Carolyn Somes
Sound Design
Austin, United States
Sound Design from Austin
Carrie Cunningham
Huntington Beach, United States
FOH from Huntington Beach
Chris Maynard
Broadcast Engineer
Dublin, Ireland
Broadcast Engineer from Dublin
Christal Jerez
Senior Audio Engineer
New York, United States
Senior Audio Engineer from New York
Clara Baker
Assistant Engineer, Recording Engineer
Portland, United States
Assistant Engineer, Recording Engineer from Portland
Courtney Caines
Assistant Mastering Engineer
Vancouver, Canada
Assistant Mastering Engineer from Vancouver
Dallas Wolfe
Production Sound MIxer
Los Angeles, United States
Production Sound MIxer from Los Angeles
Deenah Bassiouny
New York, United States
Student from New York
Deianira Iozzi
Musician, Ethnomusicologist
Siena, Italy
Musician, Ethnomusicologist from Siena
Deirdre Morrison
Re-Recording Mixer, Music Composer
Toronto, Canada
Re-Recording Mixer, Music Composer from Toronto
Diana Estefania Hernandez Martinez
Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer
New York, United States
Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer from New York
Dianna Almeida Pinheiro
audio technician
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
audio technician from Rio de Janeiro
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