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Ariel Vincent
Assistant Engineer
Chicago, United States
Assistant Engineer from Chicago
Ash Zeitler
Sound Designer
New York, United States
Sound Designer from New York
Ausma Lace
Audio Recording Engineer
Riga, Latvia
Audio Recording Engineer from Riga
Barbara Finck-Beccafico
Singer Songwriter / Producer
Montreal, Canada
Singer Songwriter / Producer from Montreal
Beau Lobo
Multi-Musician Recording Engineer
New York, United States
Multi-Musician Recording Engineer from New York
Brooke R. Calder
Minneapolis, United States
Songwriter/Producer/Engineer from Minneapolis
Bryn Bliska
Musician, composer, producer and engineer
New York, United States
Musician, composer, producer and engineer from New York
Caitlin Simon
Producer/ Engineer
Medway, United States
Producer/ Engineer from Medway
Camila Pai
Sound Designer
Bogota, Colombia
Sound Designer from Bogota
Carlie Mari Algas
Live Sound Engineer
San Francisco, United States
Live Sound Engineer from San Francisco
Carolina Padro Calero
Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Student from Huddersfield
Cass Beau
Audio Engineer, Producer
Toronto, Canada
Audio Engineer, Producer from Toronto
Chelsey Beeson
A2 - Audio Engineer
Louisville, United States
A2 - Audio Engineer from Louisville
Chloe Kraemer
Assistant Engineer, Church Studios
London, United Kingdom
Assistant Engineer, Church Studios from London
Courtney Ceaser
Audio Engineer/Student Worker
Beaumont, United States
Audio Engineer/Student Worker from Beaumont
Dakota Dornbrack
Audio Engineer
Nashville, United States
Audio Engineer from Nashville
Danielle Barkman
Assistant Manager at Nitrosonic Studio - Engineer, Producer, Session Drummer
Lexington, United States
Assistant Manager at Nitrosonic Studio - Engineer, Producer, Session Drummer from Lexington
Darcy McIntosh
Live Audio Engineer
Los Angeles, United States
Live Audio Engineer from Los Angeles
Debbie Keough
Freelance Engineer
Orange, United States
Freelance Engineer from Orange
Diana Estefania Hernandez Martinez
Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer
New York, United States
Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer from New York
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