A woman's place is in music. 

Less than 5% of music producers and engineers are women. Only six women have ever been nominated for the Producer of the Year Grammy. In live sound and live event production, the numbers are similarly stark.

Powered by SoundGirls in partnership with Spotify and other organizations, The EQL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people. We include all women in our directory, including trans women and people who are non-binary. The searchable directory enables users to showcase their work, market their skills, and reach out to each other for collaboration and networking.

It is our hope that by amplifying the careers of these women and people, we’ll soon see equal access to encouragement, equipment, and opportunities within the industry as well as equal recognition of these incredible professionals’ work. It’s high time these creators, makers, sound engineers, and techs are brought out from behind-the-scenes and into the spotlight. 

Through celebrating audio professionals who are women, trans, and non-binary, we believe The EQL Directory has the power to create a positive feedback loop - when more diverse people are seen running a recording session or commanding the mixing console, people of all genders will feel empowered to enter these fields. To believe a dream is possible, you need to see it lived. 

There is no one simple solution to the music industry’s gender imbalance. But with an engaged community, all things are possible. We are proud to be apart of this community. We are proud to join this fight. We are proud for The EQL Directory to serve as a testament to female audio professionals’ resilience, a celebration of their artistry, and the ultimate response to that trying question, Where are all the women in audio?

Search the directory now for potential team members or upload your resume free and claim your space in the community of women changing the face of music.