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Audrey Martinovich
Audio Engineer
Madison, United States
Audio Engineer from Madison
Audrey Montoya
Mix Engineer
Los Angeles, United States
Mix Engineer from Los Angeles
Ayushi Anil
sound designer
Chennai, India
sound designer from Chennai
Brenda El Rayes
Producer/composer/sound designer/sound engineer
Stockholm, Sweden
Producer/composer/sound designer/sound engineer from Stockholm
Bridget Tang
Sound Design
Toronto, Canada
Sound Design from Toronto
Camila Pai
Sound Designer
Bogota, Colombia
Sound Designer from Bogota
Cate Cahill
Sound Designer, Sound Mixer/Rerecordist
Sydney, Australia
Sound Designer, Sound Mixer/Rerecordist from Sydney
Chelsea Body
Foley Recordist/Sound Editor
Toronto, Canada
Foley Recordist/Sound Editor from Toronto
Cheryl Ottenritter
Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer
Washington, D.C., United States
Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer from Washington, D.C.
Claudia Nader Jaime
Sound Designer
York, United Kingdom
Sound Designer from York
Colette Dahanne
Sound designer and mixer
Los Angeles, United States
Sound designer and mixer from Los Angeles
Cris Aragon
Owner and CEO – Post production studios
London, United Kingdom
Owner and CEO – Post production studios from London
Deirdre Morrison
Re-Recording Mixer, Music Composer
Toronto, Canada
Re-Recording Mixer, Music Composer from Toronto
Brighton, United Kingdom
DJ & PRODUCER from Brighton
Denise Barbarita
Sound Design
New York, United States
Sound Design from New York
Elaine Maltezos
Field Recording
Bergen, Norway
Field Recording from Bergen
Eleanor Osborne
Mixer / Sound Designer
Boston, United States
Mixer / Sound Designer from Boston
Emma Fern
Sound Engineer
Bristol, United Kingdom
Sound Engineer from Bristol
Georgia Collins
Sound Designer
Sydney, Australia
Sound Designer from Sydney
Gina Keller
Sound Design
Zurich, Switzerland
Sound Design from Zurich
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