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All change requires an engaged community - only by working together can we create a more diverse music industry.

Discover organizations and programs that encourage and support female audio professionals every day by providing recording residencies, educational workshops, networking events, and other crucial resources.

Audio Engineering Society

The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Founded in the United States in 1948, the AES has grown to become an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research


Beats By Girlz

Beats by Girlz is a creative & educational music technology program dedicated to empowering girls & non-binary youth through the intersection of music & technology. We are working towards gender equity in a field where womxn are highly underrepresented and strive to help other groups mobilize and create similar change in their own communities.


Equalizer Project

A Spotify initiative launched in Sweden 2017 to support women and non-binary songwriters and producers in the Swedish music industry, through networking events, a producer camp and a podcast.



female:pressure is an international database and network for female, transgender and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts. It comprises almost 2300 members from 75 countries as at November 2018, most of them are based in Europe and North America


Gender Amplified, Inc

Gender Amplified, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to celebrate women music producers, raise their visibility and develop a pipeline for girls and young women to get involved behind the scenes in recording studios.


Girls Make Beats

Girls Make Beats is a nonprofit organization that empowers girls by expanding the female presence of music producers, DJs and audio engineers.


Instituto Criar

Every year, 150 youth from the cities of São Paulo and Osasco enroll in the Audiovisual Training Program. Instituto Criar also has an Insertion Department whose role is to connect Criar veterans to professional practice opportunities in production companies, TV networks, advertising agencies and other companies in the filmmaking industry.



shesaid.so is a global network of women who work in music. We advocate collaboration, diversity and inclusion in the music industry with a focus on empowering women in the business sector.



SoundGirls is an international organization that works to inspire and empower the next generation of women, non-binary people, and other marginalized people in audio. Our mission is to create a supportive community for women, non-binary people, and other marginalized people in audio and music production. Providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers.


SoundGirls in Mexico

SoundGirls México se complace en abrir este espacio para compartir información, oportunidades laborales y experiencias, con la finalidad de crear una comunidad de profesionales, ofreciendo educación y preparación en español.



Spotify is committed to creating empathetic and equitable communities through music and culture. we champion inclusive voices, connect artists with their fans around causes they care about, and build programs that break down barriers to help everyone become a creator.


The 7% Series

With a make-up of less than 7% of women who are producers and engineers, The 7% Series is designed to highlight and create a safe haven for women in music. We are creating a unified and inclusive platform to craft solutions while building/strengthening within our community.


Upfront Producer Network

Upfront Producer Network is a community of and for women, non-binary and trans music producers based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Women's Audio Mission

Women’s Audio Mission is a San Francisco/Oakland-based nonprofit organization that trains over 1,500 women and girls every year to be the next music producers, recording engineers and technology innovators


Yorkshire Sound Women Network

Yorkshire Sound Women Network enables artistic and technical development of women and girls through access to resources, skills sharing, and collaborative opportunities while supporting diversity in its participating communities. Our mission is to support a flourishing industry that welcomes, encourages and progresses the inclusion of women at all levels.


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