Ainjel Emme

Music and Vocal Producer from Los Angeles, United States
Record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer Ainjel Emme is probably best described as a 'song whisperer.' She's often sought out for her skills as a vocal producer and editor. Recent credits include “Sanctuary” by Joji, “Win” and “Live Forever” (on which she also played bass) by Charli XCX’s pet girl group Nasty Cherry, “Ow” and “Jesus Did” by rising LA indie rock quartet Kills Birds, and upcoming records by Hazel English, Overcoats, Jelani Aryeh, Kathleen Hanna, Hinds, Yves Tumor, and more. AE enjoys moonlighting as an assistant engineer, most recently supporting legendary producer Mark Howard at Henson Studios for the upcoming debut album by the Mustangs of the West. As a producer, Ainjel is adept at finding the jewels in a song and bringing it to its brightest shine. She is also a champion of independent artists and women in music. Singer-songwriter Leslie Nuss recently commuted from Indiana to LA to collaborate on 3 separate EPs, Michigan-based composer and vocalist Rie Daisies enlisted AE to work remotely on “Monstress”, and Ainjel helped pop-folk songstress Alfa cross the finish line after her label abandoned production halfway through the making of her latest album, “Spark and Fury.” Ainjel is passionate about artist development and recorded music. She is experienced and available to host songwriting, recording, guitar, and industry-related workshops.
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Ainjel Emme
Music and Vocal Producer from Los Angeles, United States
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