Melissa Matthews

I am a Veteran of the Navy, military spouse, and mother of 3. My job while enlisted in the military for 6 years was that of Electronic Technician. After I served my time in the military I transistioned into the field of Information Technology and have been working in that field till now. Through all that time, one thing has remained the love, passion and hobby for music and audio production. I have always loved technology and getting my hands on electronic gear, esp. musical gear!! I own a small bit of studio equipment myself and my dream job would be to work in the audio engineering field full time, and I will do anything and start anywhere to make that a reality! I am excited to see that these organizations exists for Women in this male dominated industry, as I am a bit of a Feminist myself with 2 daughters, who I am constantly instilling 2 things...independence and following their passion. My oldest is in Theatre Tech at a local Performing Arts school and the other is 9 and very much into STEM. I find myself wishing I had the opportunities they have, so I could have followed my dreams much sooner in life. But as they say it is never too late! I would love the opportunity to use the combination of all my knowledge, technical skills, creativity, and passion for music, to work in some capacity in the music & entertainment business. I believe I came across your website for a reason and during a critical time in my life where I am searching for fulfillment in the work that I do everyday. Your website is an answer to my prayers, and your vision aligns with my desire to empower young girls, using music and technology as the tool!
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