Reiva Moreau

Audio Operator from Toronto, Canada
Reiva Moreau has been part of the Toronto industry for 2 years and she has already begun to make herself known as a sound engineer. She quickly rose to a leadership role within her high school community; as co-head of their technology team as well as holding the representative seat on her student council. After graduating high school with a specialist high skills major seal in communication technology, she continued to expand her education through various programs. With several years of postsecondary education Reiva has achieved a diploma from St. Lawrence College in Music & Digital Media, as well as, a diploma in Music Industry Arts and postgraduate certificate in Audio Post Production from Fanshawe College. She has continues to established herself working with a range of different companies including CBC Toronto, Westbury National, and Tek Wurk. Reiva has also worked freelance on multitude of projects including short films such as: Hypocritic Oath, KIN, Morning Kiss, and A False Sense of Security. Additionally working as a front of house mixer for local bands such as The Backtrack and GRACE. Reiva has a wide scope of skills and talents making her an asset to any sound team regardless of the position. Despite the fact she specialises in mixing, her skill set and knowledge allows her to have versatility in any role. From the studio to the stage to the set, her communication and troubleshooting skills allow her the adaptability to produce brilliant quality work. Reiva has goals to help with breaking the stereotype around women in the industry especially within the sound community. Other goals include pushing the boundaries about the ideas surrounding how the general public consume sound and education involved within sound consumption. Moving forward she has a variety of upcoming project in the realm of audio post such as web series, films, and TV shows on top of her live music mixing. She currently resides in Toronto with her boyfriend and two dogs.
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Reiva Moreau
Audio Operator from Toronto, Canada
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