Diane Kessler

Producer/Songwriter/Engineer from Los Angeles, United States
With a background in classical and jazz music my style of music is vast. Growing up as a dancer music has always been a huge part of my life. I started creating at a very young age. I was very active in musical theater and jazz choir growing up and always jumped on the opportunity to create original work. As I grew older dance became more of my focus and I started listening to more current styles of music, pop, hip hop, rap, r&b and immediately fell in love. As a dancers I felt extremely connected to the music I was dancing too. Felt the emotion of every synth and the beat of every kick and the zest in every hi hat. I quickly realized that I need to do more creating when it came to music. I was sat in front of my first DAW around 2012 and it changed my life. I have been creating a sound that I really enjoy. It stems from my classical background but still has a current hip hop touch. I recently started producing for other artist as well. Creating their sound, a trait that comes so naturally for me. I'm here to create. Its what I love to do what I'm great at doing and the only thing I aspire to do. Being a female in the industry does have many challenges but those challenges are minuscule compared to my drive to do this.
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Diane Kessler
Producer/Songwriter/Engineer from Los Angeles, United States
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