Erin Parisi

Sound Editor from Los Angeles, United States
I currently work as a freelance audio technician, sound mixer, and sound board operator in and around the greater Los Angeles area within music, theater, multimedia, and events. I am an experienced monitor engineer and a progressing as a FOH engineer as well. I excel in both music and theater, have experience in QLab software, as well as sound design. I truly love what I do in live sound and would love to continue progressing and developing as a sound board operator, but I am also very interested in post production. For years I have wanted to develop my skills further in that area, but as most of my experience has been in live it's been difficult to gain opportunities in that field. I am looking for opportunities as an assistant or apprentice sound editor or mixer in specific. I have a great deal of my own post-production training through personal video projects and my own music production as well. Overall, I believe that my strong technical experience and education would make me a great addition to any team. As an Audio-Visual Engineer for the last 9 years, I have gained experience in a multitude of environments ranging from live music and events, recording studios, radio stations, multimedia publishing and post-production, corporate events, live-streaming, and studio design. I have a B.A. in Audio Engineering, and 5 years of experience working in the music and live events industry of Los Angeles. Additionally, I am exceedingly organized, a strong communicator, and a dependable, team player. Most importantly, I learn and adapt quickly, and I am especially proficient with understanding new software and equipment. I can easily adapt to changing environments and roles if needed. Please see my website at for a look at my full portfolio of work.
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