Ema Badurina

Stage Tech from London, United Kingdom
My involvement in events began when I was 13 years old, when (very luckily) the Directors of Outlook and Dimensions festivals rented out my parent’s apartment in my hometown of Pula, Croatia, for the duration of the festivals. It was the first year the festivals were held there and the apartment, located above where I lived, at the edges of this tiny town, suddenly became a busy and inviting working hub. Being young and curious about this exciting industry, even the smallest tasks I could help with felt extremely gratifying. It was the first time I felt that kind of satisfaction in working and that pushed me to try my hardest in order to prove how grateful I was for being given the opportunity to get involved. The satisfaction I got out of working there and in other events never left me, and eight years and five departments later, I moved to London after I got a full-time job in their office as the Event Assistant, where I’m proud to be the Managing Director’s and Event Manager’s right hand. My excitement and curiosity about everything the industry has yet to offer has never been greater, and I now hope to find a new lively and challenging working environment for my passion to thrive in. Before moving to London, I’ve continued getting involved in some of the most relevant events in my hometown in Pula, Croatia and gained great understanding of how an event works inside-out. I’ve had close relationships with customers, volunteers, staff, department managers, event managers, directors, contractors and clients and I’ve experienced many of those roles first-hand, so I believe I’m able to look at any event from many different perspectives. I’ve gained experience both in small events, where covering multiple positions at once was crucial, as well as bigger happenings which has taught me to focus primarily on my role, without forgetting that any problem outside of it should never be ignored. The success of the event as a whole is everyone’s end goal. I believe my greatest strengths are my versatility; my willingness to learn; my thirst to develop new skills and to work my hardest in order to do so. I’m particularly proud of the skills I acquired when offering hands-on and technical help in the production of events. I think working to progress in this area, (which, at first glance, has little to do with what I have previously encountered) is a great example of the qualities I have listed above. My determination has ended up opening new doors for me and I have since worked as technical support, lighting assistant, production crew and team leader in a number of live events held in my hometown as well as in London, including recently for a Red Bull event. I’d love to be considered for any opportunities that arise, both full-time and freelance (from October onwards or before the 14th August). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if my application has sparked an interest!
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