Michelle Peters

Production Assistant - Touring from New York, United States
Why me? I roll with the punches, am very proactive, get the job done---always employing a sense of humor with an eye on the big picture and all the moving parts. Key to me are relationships and creating a win/win in every situation--I've even been accused of using "magical fairy dust" to pull things off and making it all happen. I’m looking to continue to Assist in Full Tour Management & Production needs - as well as TM for smaller tours (example--was out with 5 top 40 bands last summer & have been with Neil Sedaka working with his band and running the Merch for 25 years)… I also have an extensive background with Meet and Greet, VIP, Guest Lists, Security Details, Travel Accommodations & Check Ins, Rooming Lists, Riders, Dressing Rooms, Catering, Per Diems, Buy O​uts, Set Lists, Day Sheets and Scheduling, Directing​ Various Crew and Runners, Merchandise, Etc. —I do just about Everything on ANY Wish List and I Do It Well! I also ​enjoy​ the ability to work with the young and the not so young…. I'm fresh enough to not be road-worn-- but ​have been ​around long enough to have the experience needed. Surely I'm a right fit to work alongside everyone and happily be a right hand -- I've ​been described as Right Arm as well :-) -- to make everyone’s life on the road better! Hence-"Let Michelle Do It".
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Michelle Peters
Production Assistant - Touring from New York, United States
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