Mica Hourbeigt

Music Producer, Composer and Arranger from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Throughout my life I have realized that what I love most is telling stories. As a female musician, instrumentalist, producer and engineer, I spend my days working in my Studio, M.O.S.T.R.O. Here I am free to help tell stories via composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering all kinds of work–music for commercials, movies, TV, plays, records and of course some of my own music.I’m very fortunate to have completed my musical studies in diverse geographic areas. With periods of education from Buenos Aires, Argentina (EMC Berklee International Network), New York, USA (Dubspot) and London, England (SSR), I have been provided with exposure to different styles and personalities that have made a significant influence to my craft. I have worked on a number of projects for AirDrop and Universal Music, and have years of experience playing guitar, bass, drums and piano in different bands in different genres for live audiences from Argentina and Uruguay to Spain. Through all of these diverse experiences, my style is so varied that it can’t be comfortably pared down to a singular genre. My first solo album,“Mushotoku”, is a conceptual disc divided into three volumes called “Spirit”, “Body” and “Soul.” In each volume I developed completely different styles: from orchestra compositions to pop to electronic music. As part of my musical journey, I have also worked in various studios including the emblematic Abbey Road in London, England. I was part of the collective label SNTS, and then recently with a group of colleagues founded Blazar, a collective label and community of female artists that create music and art. I am a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society), SoundGirls and most recently have been working on composing, mixing and mastering music for video games, advertising, television, cinema, and artistic productions of songs and albums by artists and bands.
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Mica Hourbeigt
Music Producer, Composer and Arranger from Buenos Aires, Argentina
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