Kimberly Bridges

Audio Engineer from Evergreen, United States
My name is Kimberly Bridges. I am a singer, outdoors enthusiast, and audio engineer, working to turn my passion into my profession. My music story is multifaceted. I grew up singing and graduated from CU Boulder with a Bachelor’s in Voice Performance, e.g. opera. I realized I didn’t want to pursue opera and fell away from music for a while.As I explored career options, I scored an opportunity to assist “Get Louder Productions'' as they recorded Widespread Panic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2018, recording the audio and video to create a full 360 virtual reality experience of the concert. I started seriously considering how I could enter the music and audio industry and build a career. In 2020, I had the amazing opportunity of attending Pyramind, a production school in San Francisco. There, I learned the full process of creating a song from a simple drumbeat to mixing and the basics of mastering. I was able to experiment with my own projects in the studio, however I wasn’t able to record larger groups since the pandemic hit early in my program. I finished my program in November and moved back to Colorado. I’m currently networking in the Denver area, editing podcasts, audio books, and audio for video. I’m studying Pro Tools to finish the certification tests, creating and mixing music, and seeking mentorships and internships to help push my career forward. I’m very interested in working on set in film audio. I’m eager to learn and get involved in any way I can! I love field recording and am eager to learn about the equipment used to record audio for film. There’s so much in this industry that can’t be learned in school or found online. It’s important to get hands-on experience and take opportunities whenever they present themselves. I look forward to meeting new people in the industry, learning new skills, and collaborating on new projects!
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Kimberly Bridges
Audio Engineer from Evergreen, United States
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