Priscilla Frame

FOH / Mons / Patch from Auckland, New Zealand
Priscilla Frame is a FOH engineer and a monitors engineer born in Invercargill and currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Priscilla plays not only bass but also drums and dabbles in ukulele. Priscilla graduated from a double bachelor degree in audio production and contemporary music in 2013 where she majored in bass performance and excelled in her live audio studies. A keen musician, Her exposure to live audio started when she was younger, serving for her local church. She then found her drive and passion for all things audio and knew it was all she wanted to do. Her position as the main sound engineer for her church expanded to her running the FOH, monitors and broadcast teams as well as working on their TV show as their on-set and post production guru. Now, as a freelance sound engineer, Priscilla works for multiple companies as a FOH engineer, monitors engineer, broadcast engineer and technician. She also specialises in post production audio for TV, podcasts and short films. Priscilla is always keen to work hard and learn more. Challenges accepted. Always.
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Priscilla Frame
FOH / Mons / Patch from Auckland, New Zealand
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