Kaylie Ackerman

Recording Engineer from Cambridge, United States
Kaylie is the Head of Media Preservation for the Harvard Library where her work includes strategic planning for the advancement of media preservation at Harvard Library as well as management of two departments dedicated to the conservation of motion picture film and the digitization of audio, video and film assets for preservation and access. She is Co chair of SC-07 Subcommittee on metadata, and the TC on Archives, Restoration and Digital Libraries. Kaylie started her career in the late 1980's as a freelance recording and mix engineer in the Boston area, working across facilities that ranged from small 8-track rooms to 48-track facilities. Her career started at just the right time to witness the rise of paradigm shattering technologies that would bring higher quality recording within reach of practitioners with limited budgets, facilitating the the creation of works previously unimaginable and preservation issues previously unseen.
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Kaylie Ackerman
Recording Engineer from Cambridge, United States
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