Producer, Vocals, AV installations from New York, United States
ONEILL: Producer and AV artist from Brooklyn. Most known via word of mouth for her production work with piano and vocals. ONEILL's latest works include; FLY ON THE WALL (2019); a three piece movement, which explores and demonstrates the cycle of human relationships and their impact, through the use of set design, projection mapping and play analysis. TWO SIDES (2018) A double canvas installation which incorporated a raw and produced version of identical playlists, in order to further acknowledge that we as individuals are emotionally attracted to different points of view even when the situation is the same. Both installation debuted at the Centre del Carme (Contemporary Art Museum) in Valencia. ONEILL was also a featured instrumentalist and vocalist on producer FRANKIE P 's latest set of sample packs FLYJIGGYSHIT. ONEILL currently releases free mini vocal packs to encourage and foster the community of producers and collaboration with in it. ONEILL publishes all music via DUMBOPRODUCTIONS and MURNOIRart (AV). ONEILL is also the founder of BRIDGING THE GAP; an educational initiative which provides free opportunity and platforms for young adults aspiring to work in the music industry, without bias of location, educational background or financial means. ONEILL has been a mentor for the SHEKNOWSTECH initiative; an educational program empowering and educating women in music technology. New work coming soon!
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Producer, Vocals, AV installations from New York, United States
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