Sound Engineer, Composer from Los Angeles, United States
My very first experience with what goes on behind the magical curtain of animated movies was when I was about nine years old. I was at a museum for the history of Montreal watching a video of how the city came to life. The animated figurines on screen came to life with the booming voice over and surround sound audio. I remember feeling like I could reach through the screen and experience the life of the characters with them //Every time I create sound for animated films, I want every child to experience the same type of magic I felt at nine years old. I do this through sound design that blends sound effects and music into one cohesive experience. In the future, I see myself doing work for an animation production studio or working in video games. //Outside of work, I dedicate a lot of my time studying the art of animation through video games, movies and music. I'm always trying to improve or learn new skills. Some physical skills include hiking, cooking and working out. I also love listening to podcasts and attending online classes. Right now I'm strengthening my coding skills! //For contact info and other details, please visit my website bellow or you can email me at
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Sound Engineer, Composer from Los Angeles, United States
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