Lola Villa

Music producer / DJ from Washington, United States
Colombian Producer and Beats Maker Womanist because feminist is not enough. 32% unicorn Lola Villa is a producer and DJ from Colombia. Her travels have brought her closer to her roots, taking her audiences on a sonic exploration of the American and African continent through a digital lens. In terms of sound, Lola talks about Magic Realism––a mixture of cosmic elements, smells and textures, rather than genres. When playing, Lola invokes fire, wind, water and earth, the smells of the Amazon rain forest and thick, nasty and 80s-inspired bass lines and synths. By adding live and acoustic elements to her performances, she sets the tone for engaging and uplifting sets. Her sound is for that reason a profound journey of melodies and eclectic modular beats––a playground of rhythms going beyond genres and geographical boundaries. She’s a vivid advocate for an inclusive industry and a safe dance floor, putting together workshops for aspiring female and non-binary DJs and musical meet-ups in cities such as: Tunis, Lagos, Amsterdam, and Washington D.C. Her philosophy: dance music needs disruption, it needs poetry, it needs more people who cannot afford it. Dance needs more people of color, it needs more riot girls, and kranky queers. Lola lives in Washington D.C.
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Lola Villa
Music producer / DJ from Washington, United States
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