Angela Winter-Defoe

CEO of A and R Productions from San Bernardino, United States
Angela Winter-Defoe is the Music Composer For the winner Of 2018 ‘BEST SLASHER FEATURE’ SKULLE FILM AWARD: 420 MASSACRE Co-Producer of the 2018 album "The Awakening" by THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS Featuring the Hit radio single “On Becoming Willing” which spent 12 weeks at #1 on BILLBOARDS: Christian Rock Radio Chart I’ve been recording songs in legitimate studios as a singer since I was 8. It started off as a record to share with my family after my parents saw my interest in making up songs before I could talk. Eventually I started working with other producers who found an interest in my talent. I had the rare privilege of eventually working side by side with some of the greatest music engineers, Bruce sugar (the eagles and Ringo Star) who would let me watch him work. He was so valuable to my growth in answering all my questions, being my trusted mentor and letting me sit in with iconic studio musicians like bass legend Leland Sklar (carol king), Jim cox on piano (B. B. King) and sat in on large orchestra recording sessions. While my peers were in school and hanging out with friends, I grew up full time in studios while doing my homeschool homework. I was extremely shy growing up and was only around adults, so you can say I was beyond meek and haven’t yet believed in myself. It wasn’t until I hit my awkward teenage years I tried to walk away from music when I started to doubt myself. But sure enough after a year I had had enough being away and trying to be ‘normal’. I was never gonna fit in like the rest of the girls so I bought myself a Neumann TLM 103, a pair of Bx8a M-Audio speakers, a computer - locked myself in my studio and started experimenting. I was surprised how good I actually was and became addicted to becoming better. Luckily enough for me I had worked with some of the greatest engineers, producers and musicians in the industry so my standard for perfection was very high and virtually impossible to reach. - but - I loved that. After 5 years of obsessive recording I decided to master my craft and go to the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. When the teachers gave us an assignment to turn in one song for the week I would turn in 4 great ones I was very proud of. It was very easy for me, which was strange because I never did very well in school. I started helping other artist and recorded who ever I could for free. Eventually I was approached from a producer Lee Miles who loved my original recordings and asked me if I wanted to try out to be a vocal editor (vocal comping) for a major record. I comped the song along side 5 others that were the best in the business and through a blind listening - mine won by far. That was the first time I knew I was the s***. I was beyond proud. And it all shot off from there! Website and original music will be launching in March!
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Angela Winter-Defoe
CEO of A and R Productions from San Bernardino, United States
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