Dani Mari

Audiences across the world have gravitated toward Dani Mari's beautifully haunting voice and simplistic elegant lyrics.  Her ethereal vocals "seemingly casting a spell" and transport listeners to an era of nostalgia which exists within the depths of her soul.   Dani Mari is a multi genre music producer and visual artist that works with artists from all over the world.  She is currently working on a solo album as Primitive Heart and her love for shoegaze has brought about collaborations with Violentene, Omega Vague, Xeresa and more.    As a visual artist, Dani Mari creates live visuals for her performances and other events.  She is a huge horror fan and created a series of songs & horror films inspired by Dario Argento's movies about witches (Suspiria, Inferno & Mother of Tears) with Johnny Butler for Cruel Beauty Productions & premiered them at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.   Dani Mari is the founder of Female Frequency, a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated.  She created an album made entirely by women with co-founders I Am Snow Angel & Claire London, Madame Gandhi, Ryat and many other female producers & engineers.  
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Dani Mari
Producer from New York, United States
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