Raquel R Sanchez

Serial Entrpreneur from New York, United States
I'm a producer-in-training at the moment but you can find my bio below: Award winning Art Director, Raquel R. Sánchez has been on the design & music front lines for years. Her designs have been hailed as “clean, fresh & wonderfully unique” by such global clients as Macy's, Target and NYC's Taxi and Limo Commission. It is no wonder that alphabet city design + marketing has become a primary consideration for a wide range of businesses, including record labels, corporations, break dancing crews, party organizations and respected artists in the community & beyond. Sánchez began her climb up the creative ladder via promoting hip-hop music in Miami in 1991. Her work with Tommy Boy, Warner Brothers, Priority and others have garnered her gold and platinum plaques for her extensive work and invaluable creative input. Her reputation as Miami’s #1 promoter quickly spread and resulted in the success of her own promotions business that spanned five years and included consulting on various projects for the above-mentioned companies, as well as Jive, Loud, Geffen, and others. Promoting for these companies, Sánchez also taught herself various ways to add exposure and value to her clients, including creating flyers, writing articles and bios, building web sites, writing business reports, and strategizing over marketing concepts and ideas. She’s worn many hats-manager to booking agent to creative consultant to writer & being assistant to Afrika Bambaataa. Her kudos in the promotions arena was only the beginning for this multi-talented entrepreneur. While in college, for example, Sanchez majored in Broadcasting and became the music and programming director at her college’s radio station. Having a strong affinity towards hip-hop & house music, the radio station position became a natural fit and subsequent progression in her development as a promoter, writer, music lover and designer. Ironically though, her creative origins began with artistry and not promotions. At the age of six, Sánchez began drawing and has been painting for as long as she can remember. Born in Cuba, and raised in Spain and Miami, Raquel used elements from her community to inspire her paintings and designs. Interestingly enough, alphabet city design + marketing did not take shape until 1996 when Sánchez moved to New York City to pursue non-promotional interests. When asked what her thoughts are on her vast creative talents, she simply says, “Designers are born, not made.” Since her move from Miami to New York City, Raquel has built an ever-growing client base that is second to none. Her continuous objective for alphabet city design + marketing is to apply her self-discipline, work ethics, and technique into future projects. She has built a portfolio that includes brochures, posters, corporate identities, presentations, flyers, business cards, calendars, album covers, record labels and stickers; and media-rich websites. With clients such as 1-800-Flowers and so many others, she hopes to become “the extraordinary designer that everyone comes to.
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Raquel R Sanchez
Serial Entrpreneur from New York, United States
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