Lilian Blair

Producer/Engineer from Seattle, United States
Hi! My name's Lilian, and I'm a producer and engineer in Seattle, WA! I work at the Vera Project as a studio engineer and educator, working with a lot of young artists getting their first professional studio experience. I strive to give my artists the same recording experience they'd get making a big record in a big studio, at an (almost) affordable cost. The producing I do is a combination of love and support, mentorship and guidance. I consider myself a rock and roll fairy godmother, whose magic(k) manifests as encouraging and pushing her artists to be their very best, and getting them to not only believe in themselves, but believe success is a possibility. Often, that just involves saying, "It'll be years of struggle, but as long as you stick with it, you are a success. The only way to fail is to quit." With the pandemic I've taken to producing over email. It mirrors the same process as we'd do in the studio, and that we'd do with mixing. You send me a demo, I give notes on the arrangement, or lyrics and music (if we're still at that part). We do a back and forth, making adjustments until we have something truly amazing. My specialties include drum recording (and putting up too many microphones), mixing, song workshopping, and most importantly, love and support. That last bit is probably the most important when it comes to making a record :) I do live recording of people playing music. Not to knock the bleep bloopers, but that's not my bag. You'll find plenty of lady engineers who can fill that roll. For me it's all about getting musicians in a room together and capturing that magic for all the world to hear. I do mixing and mastering as well, do session work as a pianist (classically trained Beethoven enthusiast), and can write you up an orchestral arrangement if you want to go epic with it. I record everything from jazz to punk (and punk from pop to hardcore ;) While most of my projects are done at the Vera Project (best for the rate in town), I also record out of London Bridge and Robert Lang, budget permitting, as well as other mid-tier studios like Mysterious Red X and Earwig. I studied engineering at Shoreline Community College, and interned at London Bridge Studios (THE drum studio in Seattle, hence drum specialization. Mmmm, drums....). Send me a message and we'll get coffee! This biz is all about making friends :)
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Lilian Blair
Producer/Engineer from Seattle, United States
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