Iris Yuvelir

Artist - Producer - Singer from Tallinn, Estonia
Pop and soul music genres are the mainstream direction Iris has worked in so far. Meantime, being the goal-oriented fighter, she kicks off the 2021by releasing her first alternative-pop single ‘Fear’. Iris is a generously gifted singer. Her deep sensual and enticing timbre of her signature voice wraps you in its warm embrace. Iris is also blessed with an outstanding composer gift to write strong melody lines. Her music possesses a remarkable catchy melodic attractiveness. Both, upbeat and down-tempo songs all possess the memorable aftertaste, a special Iris Yuvelir vibe brand. The tantalizing melodies leave you craving for more and more. Iris is a talented charming actress. Her acting grabs your attention instantly from the very beginning and keeps up to the end. Her face is of a rare charming charisma. Iris’s work ethic is second to none. Industrious and scrupulous she nurtures her songs from scratch to the polished masterpieces. Fabulously talented, open-minded, with strong self-esteem, she is of high potential to become a true modern-day icon, and a force to be reckoned with
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Iris Yuvelir
Artist - Producer - Singer from Tallinn, Estonia
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