Women at full volume.

Less than 5% of music producers and engineers are women. The diminished presence of women in audio isn’t for a lack of talent, ambition, or ability. Diversity and inclusion projects like The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative have firmly established that it is substantially more difficult for women and GNC people to gain access to careers in pro-audio.

EQUAL is Spotify’s global evergreen program fostering equity for women in music, with sister programs in 35 markets spanning over 50 countries, from Japan to Argentina, from Malaysia to the UK.

As part of EQUAL, Spotify has partnered with SoundGirls to create The EQUAL Directory, a space to amplify the careers and achievements of women of all experiences working in audio and production. We want to support bringing the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender-nonconforming people working as producers, songwriters, audio engineers, and more. We include all women of all experiences in our directory as well as non-binary creators. The searchable directory enables users to showcase their work, market their skills, and reach out to each other for collaboration and networking.

Through celebrating audio professionals who are women of all experiences and non-binary audio engineers and creators, we believe The EQUAL Directory has the power to create a positive feedback loop - when more diverse people are seen running a recording session or commanding the mixing console, people of all genders will feel empowered to enter these fields.

Hiring and spotlighting the accomplishments of women are the two most effective ways to help women in audio. 

The EQUAL Directory seeks to move the audio industry toward a more inclusive culture by providing accessible resources for industry professionals to locate and hire women for tours, live events, studio recordings, post-production, film & TV sound, game audio, podcasts, and more. Our searchable directory enables users to showcase their work, establish their credentials, and connect with each other for networking, support, and collaboration.

Search the directory now for potential team members or upload your resume free and claim your space in the community of women changing the face of audio.