Deanna Fielding

Audio Engineer from White Plains, United States
Hi, I’m Deanna. I’m a New York-based engineer, producer, and sound designer. I am passionate about crafting immersive sonic experiences in the realms of Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative, R&B, and Singer-Songwriter music. I currently work out of The Koop Studio in New York, a finely tuned hybrid studio with boutique gear. Over the years, I have amassed more than 600 hours of hands-on experience in acclaimed studios both in Nashville and New York. I bring a distinct excitement to the music I work on, influenced by '90s alt-rock, post-punk, modern alternative R&B, and danceable indie pop. Look no further if you are seeking… - An inspired mix, tailored to your record and artist identity - An exciting, commercially competitive master that holds its own against what's currently in rotation - Production and arrangement advice - A personalized, comfortable rate and timeline that caters to your unique project - A blend of technical acumen, adaptability, and creativity - Strategies for capturing and maintaining the interest of listeners, playlist curators, music supervisors, and advertising executives - Commitment to production deadlines, timely responses - A professional approach, easy communication, and a positive attitude :) Services I offer: - Editing - Mixing - Mastering - Production and Arrangement - Consultation for Production, Mixing, Mastering - Podcast Production (Editing, Mixing, Mastering) - Vocal Post Production: Editing (Comping, Alignment, Noise Reduction), Tuning (Melodyne) - Audio Post Production for Visual Media: Sound Design (Foley, SFX), Dialogue Editing, Music Editing Learn more at!
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Deanna Fielding
Audio Engineer from White Plains, United States
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