Sabine Steldinger

Assistant from Thessaloniki, Greece
We do 100% analog mastering, including lacquer disk mastering for vinyl record manufacturing, from tape/analog media but also from digital sources, with high end analog custom vacuum tube equipment. We also do Direct-to-Master and Direct-to-Disk recordings, and Lacquer Disk Cutting at Magnetic Fidelity. I assist with recordings and do CD authoring. I do work with PCM and DSD files, which includes managing our digital format label releases. We also plan on releasing 100% analog audiophile grade recordings on reel-to-reel tape. I know how to talk to our linux computer system and code the websites for Magnetic Fidelity and Agnew Analog Reference Instruments (our audio equipment boutique from scratch. My obligations also include customer communication, promotion, accounting, project management, publishing and doing small repairs here and there whenever necessary.
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Sabine Steldinger
Assistant from Thessaloniki, Greece
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