Willa Snow

Hello! I'm Willa. I am a live front of house and monitor engineer based out of Austin, TX, with a deep passion for my industry and art form. . . I have been working for venues, artists, and production companies for several years, providing the music community with clean, punchy, and dynamic mixes with unparalleled enthusiasm and professionalism. In my spare time, I serve as a chapter head for SoundGirls.Org, an organization dedicated to inspiring young women in the field of audio by providing educational and networking opportunities. . . With a background as a vocalist, musician, songwriter, and performer myself, I am a big fan of the philosophy, "serve the artist, serve the song." All I do is help you to amplify your story. . . FOH - For each client, I draw on my eclectic musical background to develop a sound that is uniquely yours. Whether it is rock n roll, jazz, chorale, pop, percussion, funk, or classical, I have the sonic tools and expertise to make you sound like you… just a little bit louder. And maybe with some pizazz. . . MON- One of my greatest joys is providing an artist with a monitor mix that is both clean and dynamic, and that allows them to truly immerse themselves in their performance. Whether they are on wedges or in-ears, I know I have done my job when they are fully engaged with the crowd, and having a blast onstage. . . Please feel free to take a peek at my resume, website, and socials. I look forward to connecting with you!
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Willa Snow
FOH, ME from Austin, United States
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