Vanessa Lucca

Mix Engineer from Turin, Italy
Born in 1984, I’ve had the passion for music since a was a child. When I was a teenager I took guitar lessons and started to write songs. As I grew up I learned to play the bass, took singing and keyboard lessons and started to love the music production field.I founded Zing!, a punk-rock female band (except for the drummer!) where we played our original songs: in Zing! I used to play the bass and sing. I also played in others bands as rhythmic guitarist and backing vocals. After graduating into Music History field in Turin I attended a one-year class in “Music Production” and then a master in “Mastering”, both at the well-known “Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento musicale” in Saluzzo (CN) – Italy. Since 2013 I collaborate with “Charisma Recording Studio” in Turin – Italy as a sound engineer (both in music and audio for video fields), arranger, composer, author and musician (guitar, bass and backing vocals), mostly for third part works. I think I have a particular understanding of artists’ and customers’ needs so that I find quite easy producing music and audio products that fits artists’ style and meet customers’ requests. Simultaneously to my job, I never stopped writing and producing songs for my own, following my favourite musical genre is rock in all its declinations (alternative, punk and so on). On my website ( you’ll find my third part jobs, while on my Soundcloud ( you’ll find my music productions. You can download my resume for more info (language: Italian).
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