Kimberly Watson

Kim Watson has been making pop, rock, jazz, skiffle, country and western stars louder for money since 1999. She is reassuringly mid-priced. She is equally at home standing at the back of a large hall full of sweaty teenagers or at the side of stage, and particularly enjoys being outdoors in the British summer, up to her ankles in mud and standing next to big boxes containing enormous amounts of electricity as the rain lashes down on them. Kim lives in the grim north east of England where it is almost perpetually cold and dark. However since the invention of the internal combustion engine, the railway and flying machines has opened up this previously remote and unexplored area to civilization, she is able to ply her trade across the whole of the country and even overseas. Indeed, she is unhealthily keen to be the only female on a smelly tour bus for weeks at a time with a dozen skinny musicians and overweight roadies of poor personal hygiene and questionable morals. As previously mentioned, you'll notice from her picture that she's a lady. Despite this terrible disadvantage in life, she not only knows what all the knobs do on large and impressive items of sound gear at pop concerts but has also learned to help sturdy young men lift ridiculously heavy boxes of disco equipment without scratching her nail varnish.
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Kimberly Watson
FOH from Newcastle, United Kingdom
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