Chyna Frazier

Podcaster, Musician, Model, Host from New York, United States
Bronx-Native & New Artist International Chy, Also Known As “Chyna Frazier” Is Known For Her Spicy Podcast The Fessup w/ Chyna. The First Episode She Published Was “Living With Vitiligo”, (A Disease That Causes The Loss Of Skin Color In Blotches, Which Occurs When Pigment-Producing Cells Die Or Stop Functioning) That She’s Had Since She Was Eleven Years Old. Her Main Influence For Starting Her Own Podcast, Was Her Eagerness To Finally Share With The World How Insecure She Use To Be About My Appearance, Up Until Three Years Ago When She Finally Started To Embrace Her Vitiligo & Uniqueness. Since Then She Has Been Super Confident, Vowing To Never Allow Anyone To Make Her Feel Ashamed About Her Pre-existing Skin Condition! Her Podcasts Features Guests Like Klass Murda, humpbakk_chunk, And Various Upcoming Artists & Black Business Owners. The Fessup Can Be Platforms Such As; Spotify, iHeartRadio & More. Aside From Her Hosting Her Own Show And Sharing Her Own Personal Stories, She Is Trying To Breakout Into The Music Industry. International Chy Released Her Single “Look At My Drip” Feat. Pot Head, March 15th 2021 Which Happened To Be Recorded Back In 2018. Now Inspired By Her Little Brother Ron Suno Who Is Known For His Hit Song PINOCCHIO, International Chy Now Wants To Pursue Her Own Career In The Music Industry. Connect With Chyna On Linktree:
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Chyna Frazier
Podcaster, Musician, Model, Host from New York, United States
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