Lotta Westermarck

Sound Designer/Engineer from Berkeley, United States
I cover sound expertise starting with placing microphones, mixing, sound editing and field recording. While getting my Bachelor’s degree in Sound design for TV and Film in Helsinki, I started working at Chartmakers mastering studio, moving on to the film sound studio, Boomout. Our films reached Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin film festivals and even won awards for best Sound. I also focus on live sound work as an A1 or corporate A2 for companies around Bay Area. My passion for sound started when I was 6 years old and took up violin, which led me to the best music-high-school ever because they had a small sound studio with unlocked doors. So I pretty much spent my entire high school in that tiny studio. At the end of the day I enjoy long dog walks with my two pups Billie and Pepe, making fermented bread and a good coffee.
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Lotta Westermarck
Sound Designer/Engineer from Berkeley, United States
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