Sarah Feldman

Musician and Educator from Montreal, Canada
“Each instrument – a drum, a cymbal, a synthesiser – is adherent to its own clock, fixated on its own timing as it loops. Yet the music is littered with these little glimmers of collision, where numerous tunnels of time all veer seamlessly into one; a momentary, quivering illusion of single image, seamless for a mere moment, fated to pull itself apart and self-repair in an endless cycle.” - Jack Chuter, ATTN Magazine Sarah Feldman makes textural music built on unconventional rhythms. Sensitive, powerful, and complex, Feldman’s work is informed by her analytical personality, background in electroacoustics, and many years as a drummer. Just Intonation, physical modelling synthesis, and the influence of American and Japanese minimalists feature widely in her compositions. In her first release, Grids EP, the synchronization and de-synchronization of repetitive rhythmic grids suggests but evades a stable, definable construction. Through this tension, Feldman explores her experience of trying to gain control over the fragility and dizzying unpredictability of existence. Sarah studies electroacoustics and music composition at Concordia University in Montreal. Among other distinctions, she is the 2015 recipient of the AH & LB Austin Award, the highest given in the electroacoustic program. She is a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award winner. In addition to her solo work, Sarah co-leads a band called Watering. She is currently working on a second release and new material for Watering. Sarah was born in Saskatoon, Canada. She started studying the drums at the age of 12 and began exploring other instruments shortly thereafter. At 17, she started recording herself and engineering records for her friends. She started performing regularly in Saskatoon at 18 and went on her first Canada-wide tour the following year. She moved to Montreal in 2013, where she currently resides.
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Sarah Feldman
Musician and Educator from Montreal, Canada
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