Katie Waters, MPSE

Foley Walker from Chicago, United States
I am a Foley Artist or Foley Walker at a Chicago sound studio called NoiseFloor. My curiosity for sound came about by watching movies and I fell in love with how music and sound can enhance the visual or tell us things in the story that the visual may not tell us. This interest led me to film school where majority of my education was in post production sound classes and my love for Foley started in a Art and Craft of Foley class. Since that class, I'm always listening to sounds around me and items I touch and how they sound when you bang them or squeeze them. Not only that, I've always loved garage sales so being a Foley Artist I now get to keep an eye out for items lying around in alleys on my way to work that may be useful to have on the Foley stage one day to make it make noise.
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Katie Waters, MPSE
Foley Walker from Chicago, United States
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