Aline Bruijns, MPSE

Sound Designer from Harderwijk, Netherlands
Aline Bruijns, MPSE – audio enthusiast – is the thriving force behind AudioRally Sounddesign. As a jazz vocalist, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at the Conservatory in Enschede (the Netherlands) in 2004. She went on to get a Master of Arts Degree in Sound Design at the HKU (School of Arts) in Utrecht in 2007. In 2019 she joined the Solos, became chapter head of Soundgirls Netherlands and joined the MPSE (motion picture sound editors organization) as an international member. Aline works closely with composers, voice-over artists, directors and other team members, and always strives to make soundtracks that enrich all elements of a project. Many of the projects Aline worked on have received and are receiving prestigious awards. For a complete overview of AudioRally Sounddesign’s projects, check the PROJECTS page on the AudioRally Sounddesign website ( or Aline’s LinkedIn page
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Aline Bruijns, MPSE
Sound Designer from Harderwijk, Netherlands
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