Paula Wolfe

Artist-Producer, Academic, Author from London, United Kingdom
Paula Wolfe is a highly critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and producer and lead researcher in the fields of music production, the independent music industry and gender. Her newly published book 'Women in the Studio' explores the cultural and historical frameworks that underpin the sustained inequalities of gender, class and race in the music industry and pays particular attention to their consequences for female producers and female self-producing artists. As both a working artist-producer and a scholar, Wolfe offers an invaluable and informed perspective, drawing from a comprehensive body of research made up of personal interviews and first hand observation collated throughout what has been a key period of change and development in the music industry’s history. Self-producing and self-releasing her music on her own label, Sib Records, since the early noughties, Wolfe demonstrates, as both artist and academic, the imperative of creative control in the face of the governing constructs forming the fabric of the music industry that continue to present challenges for women's work. She will be supporting the double release of her book and her third album White Dots (* * * * MOJO) with a joint book and album tour comprising of guest lectures and live shows throughout the coming autumn and winter.
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Paula Wolfe
Artist-Producer, Academic, Author from London, United Kingdom
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