Liina Turtonen

Music Producer from York, United Kingdom
Liina “LNA” Turtonen is a music producer, songwriter, and a performer based in York, UK. She is also the creator of a new female-centric audio channel on YouTube called ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’. In her music, she is interested in the worlds between electronic sounds and authenticity, as well as the contrasts between genres, languages, and cultures. For LNA, music and technology are the playgrounds of endless possibilities for exploring storytelling and creativity. After getting her Masters degree in Music production, from the University of York, she is now working as a freelance producer (as well as mixing and mastering), songwriter and electronic musician playing live concerts with artists such as No Fixed Identity. Among this, she is also concentrating to create content to her YouTube channel, which she hopes to challenge the views of gender in the audio communities on YouTube. Currently she is also running workshops in music production, Ableton Live and electronic music.
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Liina Turtonen
Music Producer from York, United Kingdom
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