FOH engineer from Kaunas, Lithuania
I Was born in Lithuania. Started working in live sound in 2016, have experience in various positions of live sound including FOH, monitor engineer, backline technician, stage technician, stage manager. Have no problems working in different venues with different PA. Have toured with some productions and I have been in situations where was needed to demonstrate a high level of self-organization, and an ability to set up tasks and complete them, as well as time and work management. Very good at fast, effective problem-solving. Able to manage a stage crew and able to interfere with local and other touring crews. Have experience working with different sizes of bands, playing different music genres, I am good at mixing and working with all styles of music. I know how to operate most of the professional mixing boards, amplifiers, speakers and outboard gear as well as create audio plans, input/output lists, and anticipate in advance about the equipment that is needed for a show.
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FOH engineer from Kaunas, Lithuania
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