Tammy Treit

I've always been more techy than the average girl. Growing up in the 70's and 80's I was always the only girl I knew who played video games, read Compute! magazine, and knew what a BBS was. At my first concert in the Tacoma Dome I had tickets to the floor and positioned myself next to the sound board. I was more impressed by the sound engineers than the rockers on stage. I had stars in my eyes looking at the mammoth sound board with it's knobs and lights and the guys with headphones around their necks working magic. I got my first chance behind a desk when I started volunteering at a local church in the mid 1990's and continued to work as a volunteer for years. As an older adult I began to take drum lessons, something I'd always dreamed of doing and began attending my drum teacher's concerts. He's a local pro who plays in multiple bands - his brother, Kenny, is a retired sound engineer who's done national tours. One thing led to another and I began to help out with their shows. Now I own a small sound/DJ company called Mammoth Sound in the Seattle area. I still help the brothers out and regularly act as an A2 for bigger shows and an A1 for the smaller gigs Kenny can't make it to. I've learned tons and love the work. I'd like to explore the studio side of sound but nothing is more frustratingly fun than live sound.
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Tammy Treit
FOH from Redmond, United States
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