Ida Juhl

IDK IDA is a Reykjavik based electronic producer and singer from Denmark who has her roots planted in the Icelandic underground scene. She independently wrote and produced her 2017 debut album 'THE BUG' over the course of two years while she worked her way to exciting projects spreading from co-producing a soundtrack with Sigtryggur Baldursson to co-founding DIY collective Weird Kids. Deep bass, complex beats and a web of field recordings create an atmosphere that wraps itself around her powerful yet fragile voice when she paces up and down the stage with great intensity, and the listener is invited into a cutting-edge world full of desperation, artistic vision and exiting sound design.  In 2017 she’s released her debut ‘The Bug’, played endless concerts in Reykjavík, toured in France and Germany, been broadcasted live in San Fransisco through KFJC 89.7, started the collective Weird Kids and co-produced a soundtrack with Sygtriggur Baldursson for the ‘Terra Forma’ performance at the La Mercé Festival in Barcelona . In the beginning of 2018 she was one of the idea makers for the easter event Háskar that “brought together several disparate streams of experimental and counter-cultural art and music”, and she had a very successful collaboration with the Scandinavian audio-visual community ‘NAVA’ for her performance at the FALK-curated show for Sónar Reykjavík at Húrra, 15.03.2018. ‘The Bug’ was released on vinyl in August through Why Not? Plötur alongside a zine containing lyrics, personal footage and text made in collaboration with Danish artist, Johann Stoffersen. In May/June she’s been touring Denmark with a collective of female electronic solo acts under the titel ‘Women in music’ (Kvinder i musik). A project/tour created to put focus on female musicians and artists. IDK IDA was invited to play at the nordic show case festival Up-Node and is now planning shows for 2019. Press: Album release and interview: France: Terra Forma:…/ingvar_bjorn_vakti_lukku_a_la_merce_ha…/ DIY: Hásker: Airwaves:
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Ida Juhl
Artist from Reykjavík, Iceland
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