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Daniela Pastore
Sound engineer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sound engineer from Rio de Janeiro
Dianna Almeida Pinheiro
audio technician
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
audio technician from Rio de Janeiro
Dora Florêncio
Roadie/Sound Technician
São Paulo, Brazil
Roadie/Sound Technician from São Paulo
São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Podcaster from São Bernardo do Campo
Fernanda Bittencourt Lemos Ramos
Sound Engineer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sound Engineer from Rio de Janeiro
Fernanda Sampaio Almeida
Técnica de som
São Paulo, Brazil
Técnica de som from São Paulo
Gabi Lima
Audio Engineer
São Paulo, Brazil
Audio Engineer from São Paulo
Inti Annie
sound designer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
sound designer from Rio de Janeiro
Isabela Leite
Sound technician
Curitiba, Brazil
Sound technician from Curitiba
Jennifer Dayana de Oliveira Magalhães
Tatuí, Brazil
Producer from Tatuí
Julia Teles Baptista
Sound editor/ sound mixer
São Paulo, Brazil
Sound editor/ sound mixer from São Paulo
Juliana Caroline Santos Ferreira
Operador de Áudio
São Paulo, Brazil
Operador de Áudio from São Paulo
Julie Sousa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Drummer from Rio de Janeiro
Júlia Santos
Tatuí, Brazil
FOH from Tatuí
Keila Boaventura
São Paulo, Brazil
Cassis from São Paulo
Laryssa Brandao
Music Business
Pindamonhangaba, Brazil
Music Business from Pindamonhangaba
Laura Chasampi Pasetto
Mix Engineer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mix Engineer from Rio de Janeiro
Laura Pasetto Chasampi
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Producer from Rio de Janeiro
Leila Luana Alves Pinto
Producer, sound designer
São Paulo, Brazil
Producer, sound designer from São Paulo
Lilla Stipp
Audio engineer
São Paulo, Brazil
Audio engineer from São Paulo
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