Stacey Michaels

ADR & Foley mixer from Los Angeles, United States
I began my career in sound at 18. I intended to work in the music industry but ended up in commercials, then post TV. I started at a radio commercial production company, "Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch" in Hollywood, where it was my job to record, edit and produce comedy radio commercials. A couple nights a week we also produced live radio broadcasts for KLOS and KJLH where I learned to work under pressure and to a strict clock. In the off hours I worked on music. A little later I I added live sound mixing at theGroundlings Theater in Hollywood. I worked in that field a number of years and then transitioned into Promos for TV and Radio and from there to Prelay editor at Hollywood Digital where I edited FX for a variety of sitcoms. That lead to switching to ADR mixing at Westwind Media. Since I had extensive experience with dialog it was a perfect fit. Eventually they also needed an extra foley mixer so I took that on. After a number of years I moved on to Warner Bros post as a foley mixer primarily and a fill in ADR mixer. When they closed the main foley stage I moved on to Aura Sound and Color primarily mixing foley. I couldn't be happier. :) Im a crazy sound nerd and love my dark room just listening to things and making a symphony of FX.
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Stacey Michaels
ADR & Foley mixer from Los Angeles, United States
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