Em Damaschin

Producer / Engineer / FoH from Toronto, Canada
Analog or digital. TikTok hits or DIY cassette distros. Grindcore duos or chamber orchestras. I'm Em, and I mix, record, produce, and play music in and around Toronto! Rooted in DIY scenes—mixed with studio experience and plenty of schooling—I work with a collaborative, non-formulaic bent. If any of that vibes with you, let's work together! When it comes to mixes, I love hearing the story behind the song, talking to you about ideas, creative direction, and references. Once I've done that, I'll take a day or two per song, helping you tell your story and creating something that would make both of us hit repeat if we heard it for the first time. I started out making records in high school, recording friends' bands (and my own!) with two cheap mics and an old computer, immersed in the southern Ontario punk and hardcore scenes (back when it was all mostly house shows and gigs in dive bars). That instilled me with a love of collaboration when it comes to making records—I love learning as much as I possibly can about your vision so I can act as a path to what you have in mind! I don't rely on static mix templates or effects chains for different artists—that works just fine for dime-a-dozen Top 40 tracks—but what really gets me inspired is the idea of exploring uniquely-affected sounds that make your art stand out, whether that's a drum sound, a vocal EQ, a delay throw on an instrument, or anything in between! As a nonbinary trans person in this industry, I also aspire to work with and raise up other marginalized voices who may be facing systemic obstacles to making music. Please get in touch if that rings true for you—I can work on a sliding scale, and there should be no barriers between us working together.
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Em Damaschin
Producer / Engineer / FoH from Toronto, Canada
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